Frequently Asked Questions

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Are you able to administer TN state testing for the permit or license?

Effective January 15, 2018 Cooperative Driver Training Program partners (TN certified driving schools) will no longer be able to give the knowledge test on behalf of the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security.  All drivers will be required to take the knowledge test at one of Tennessee's 44 Driver Services Centers located throughout the state.
      Students are not required to have a permit to participate in our classroom or behind the wheel driving lessons.  We do recommend that they get there permit as soon as possible so that they can continue practicing at home once they have completed our course.   

Is there a charge for testing?

There is an additional charge of $60 for the road test.   Our road test is an additional hour with us that is paid for at the time of the road test.  We do not include the cost of the road test into the cost of the class because some of our students do not need it (i.e., non-resident, already have license).  Also, some parents would rather save the cost and do the testing directly at a TN testing station for no additional charge. 

Do you administer the road test on the last driving day?

No, we do not administer the road test on the last driving day because many of our students need to continue practicing at home until they have completely mastered the skills needed to pass the road test and drive safely on their own.  We give each student an evaluation of their driving skills upon completion of the course.  If we feel that they are ready, we will tell them to call our office to schedule a test.  If we feel that they need more experience, we will tell them to  continue practicing at home until their parents feel that they are ready.  We do not want to hurt anyone's feelings, but we would rather be honest than to give them a license when they are not ready.  We recommend that students have a minimum 50 hours of practice before they attempt the road test.

Can I take the road test with you if I just take Private Driving Lessons?

No, The state of Tennessee only allows certified schools, like ours, to administer testing if a student has completed a minimum of 30 hours of classroom and 6 hours of driving practice.

Do you practice on actual roads?

Yes!  We feel that the only way to teach someone how to drive is to put them in real world situations.  We make the most of our driving lessons by extensively working on the problems that face most new drivers;  right and left turns, lane changes and good decisions at intersections in traffic.

Do you substitute simulator time for actual driving time?

No!  We do not use simulators at all.  Even the most state of the art simulators simplify the driving experience.  The feeling of motion, 360 degree views, head checks for blind spots, all of these things cannot be simulated.  And why simulate when we have the real thing right outside of our front door!

My teenager already has a permit, do they need to take the full class?

Although Tennessee does not require driver training to receive a license, here at Pitner Driving School, Inc., we feel that the more knowledgeable the  driver is the safer they will be on the road.  It is a misconception that the classroom time is just for learning the answers for the permit test.  Our curriculum is geared toward beginner and experienced drivers alike with a very strong emphasis on being a defensive driver.  We've had licensed drivers take our class, mainly for an insurance discount, only to have them tell us at the end of the class that they were surprised at how much they had learned!

Does your course qualify for an insurance discount?

Our Teen Driving Classes meet the minimum requirements (30 hours classroom; 6 hours driving) of most insurance companies.  Some insurance companies do not offer a discount.  Check with your insurance carrier to find out if they offer a discount.  

Do you cancel a driving lesson if it is raining?

No, we drive in the rain.  We see this as an opportunity to teach our students how to drive in adverse conditions with the safety of an instructor in the car.  The only time that we will cancel driving is in snow or ice, or when there are tornado warnings.

What if I miss a driving lesson?  Is there a penalty fee?

Yes, we have a 48 hour notification policy.  If you do not give us proper notification, at least 48 hours before your lesson, you will be charged $30 for a missed 1-hour lesson;  $60 for a missed 2-hour lesson.