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Our Mission...

     Our roads are more dangerous now than ever before.  With increased traffic, driver distractions and our hectic lifestyles, it has never been more important to practice Defensive Driving Skills.  At Pitner Driving School, Inc., we offer a multi-layered classroom and driving experience that not only teaches basic & advanced rules of the road and driving skills but is also heavily influenced to teach our students the importance of defensive driving.
     Pitner Driving School, Inc. is certified by the Tennessee Department of Safety and is a certified Cooperative Driver Testing Program Agency.  We offer the convenience of administering Tennessee written and road tests to students that meet Tennessee age & residency requirements.  
     We teach at 15 different locations around the city in order to bring the training to you and the added benefit of  practicing in your area.  

Teen Classes (15-19 years old)

Teen classes are a mixture of classroom and behind-the-wheel instruction.  The classroom portion is 30 hours of PowerPoint lecture, videos and guest speakers.  The driving portion is either 6 or 8 hours (depending on which package you pick) of behind the wheel instruction.  We do not believe that simulators or backseat observation should take the place of actually driving on our roads.  

We are a Tennessee state certified Driving School and therefore can administer both the Tennessee state written and road test to all students that meet age and residency requirements.

We offer our classes at 15 different locations around Memphis throughout the year.  Some of these locations are open enrollment and some are just for students of that institution.

If your student attends Briarcrest, Christian Brothers, St. Benedict or Collierville high school, please check the "Classes just for Students of that Location" page to see if we are offering a class at your location that fits your needs.  If that doesn't work for you, or If your student attends another school, has graduated or is home-schooled, please check the "Classes for All Students" page.  We also offer "Summer Classes for All Students".

Adult Private Lessons

We offer private driving lessons Monday through Friday in the mornings.  We do not offer private lessons in the afternoons, weekends or summer months as those times are dedicated to the Teen Classes.  Private lessons are mainly for adults. We highly recommend that teenagers take one of our full courses because it is a much more intensive course.  Also, private lessons alone do not qualify a student to take any state testing with us nor does it qualify the student for discounts from most insurance companies. 

A Private lesson is a two-hour lesson behind the wheel of our car.  We will pick you up at your location, evaluate your needs and then refine your driving skills.  You can sign up for as many private lessons as you need.  

Please click on this link to learn more about our Private Lessons.