Saturday Classes are back!  If you are having trouble fitting into one of our traditional after school classes, click here to go to our Saturday Classes page!

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Kyle W. Kiihnl Memorial Foundation Eye Opener 5K PJ Run/Walk

Join us at Houston Levee Park at 9am on Saturday Oct.13. The Kyle W Kiihnl Memorial Foundation will be giving away gift cards for the Best PJs and all participants will receive a finisher’s medal. There will also be a Race Against the Turtles, a third-mile run/walk loop around the turtle filled pond. Register at Races Online.  Remember to get 8+ hours of sleep!!!!

Our Mission...

     Our roads are more dangerous now than ever before.  With increased traffic, driver distractions and our hectic lifestyles, it has never been more important to practice Defensive Driving Skills.  At Pitner Driving School, Inc., we offer a multi-layered classroom and driving experience that not only teaches basic & advanced rules of the road and driving skills but is also heavily influenced to teach our students the importance of defensive driving.
     Pitner Driving School, Inc. is certified by the Tennessee Department of Safety and is a certified Cooperative Driver Testing Program Agency.  We offer the convenience of administering the Tennessee road test to students that meet Tennessee age & residency requirements.  
     We teach at 15 different locations around the city in order to bring the training to you and the added benefit of  practicing in your area.  

Teen Classes (15-19 years old)

Teen classes are a mixture of classroom and behind-the-wheel instruction.  The classroom portion is 30 hours of PowerPoint lecture, videos and guest speakers.  The driving portion is either 6 or 8 hours (depending on which package you pick) of behind the wheel instruction.  We do not believe that simulators or backseat observation should take the place of actually driving on our roads. 

We are a Tennessee state certified Driving School and therefore can administer the Tennessee road test to all students that meet age and residency requirements.

We offer our classes at 15 different locations around Memphis throughout the year.

Adult Private Lessons

 We offer private driving lessons during the morning hours (between 8am to 2pm) Monday through Friday.  We do not offer private lessons in the evening, weekends or summer months as we are busy with our teen lessons during those times.  Because of this, our private lessons are mainly geared toward adults that have the flexibility to practice in the mornings.
     An adult private lesson is a two-hour lesson in our car for the price of $140.  We come to your location, evaluate your driving skills and help you improve.  You can take one lesson at a time or sign up for several lessons.